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Top Tips For Inspirational Brochures

Designing a brochure can be a rewarding project.  There is nothing like creating something that you and your customers can hold touch and read.  The design is more than an arrangement of different parts it includes texture and feel in a way that digital projects cannot compare with. In addition to all the design considerations 

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employee management

The Truth About Employee Monitoring and the Resistance It Faces

It’s not a hidden fact that monitoring apps are being deployed in organizations all over the world.  The driving force behind this is employers’ motivation to identify and deal with incompetent and risky employees for the purpose of improving firm’s performance and survivability. However, as soon as the topic of employee monitoring is brought up, 

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What is Involved in Healthcare Logistics?

Logistics companies in the healthcare sector face unique challenges. The term ‘logistics’ refers to the transportation of products, goods or services. This could be transporting pharmaceuticals, sensitive diagnosis equipment, beds, and doctors’ supplies. Sometimes logistics include arranging for inventory management. Due to the nature of the products and goods being transported, there is much to 

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Calls vs. Online Support

There’s no denying that the way we communicate has changed over the years. Where phones used to be common, we now find computers, tablets and mobile phones have taken over as the main form of communication. It only makes sense that large companies have followed suit and adapted their customer services to fit in with 

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