employee skill

3 Tips for Training Employees on Phone Skills

As a business owner, you want your employees to give off an air of friendly warmth and professionalism. Many client’s first experience with your company is over the phone, so it is important that your employees make a good first impression. Consider these tips on phone skills for employees. They will allow your workers to attract 

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How To Protect Yourself at Home or at Work

The Great Recession demonstrated to modern Americans just how quickly life can change for the worse. Prepping, survival, and urban homesteading have captured the collective imagination like never before. Too often, however, home security is overlooked, and a critical component is staying safe by owning a tactical ballistic shield. Not Just for the Streets Everyone 

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business data

Why Data Is Important for Your Business

If you work in the business world, you’ve likely been hearing a lot about data lately. In fact, Forbes recently declared that knowing how to tap into the full potential of data will define the next decade. More than just a buzzword, data – a term that in broad strokes refers to collections of information that are 

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solar power

4 Easy Ways To Go Green at Home

The need for environmental conservation has become more apparent than ever before. As research emerges, we learn more about how our daily habits can have negative effects on our planet. Many people are looking for ways to live eco-friendly lifestyles by reducing their waste and minimizing their carbon footprint. If you are looking to start 

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business sign

Why You Need a Sign for Your Business

Online advertising has exploded lately, causing companies to wonder if brick and mortar stores might become a thing of the past. Though no one can predict the future, statistics show that physical stores are here to stay and may even be gaining. To get people to your store or business, a sign is crucial to 

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Three Things Every Landlord Should Do

When approached with careful planning and preparation, being a landlord can lead to money in your pocket. Without this essential framework in place, you could experience many headaches and financial woes. It’s important to make sure you start off on the right foot, so here are three things that can help you stay the course 

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Is the World Getting Duller?

Popular paint colors are boring. Most of them are varying shades of white, black, gray, or beige without much divergence from those four base colors. Colors like those make up much of the modern monochromatic fashion that is becoming popular in decorating today. You may not have even noticed the trend of making colors duller 

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Generate quality leads with Online Video Marketing

Corporates need a powerful marketing tool that brings the most genuine and authentic leads by applying lesser efforts. Video lead generation is the right tool that allows the business to grow successfully. Before we deliver the video we understand your brand, business and then offer the message through a series of short videos. Video lead 

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