The Truth About Employee Monitoring and the Resistance It Faces

employee management

It’s not a hidden fact that monitoring apps are being deployed in organizations all over the world.  The driving force behind this is employers’ motivation to identify and deal with incompetent and risky employees for the purpose of improving firm’s performance and survivability. However, as soon as the topic of employee monitoring is brought up, they begin to face strong resistance from certain individuals within the firm. The biggest argument given against the deployment of a digital monitoring system is that employees’ privacy should be respected. This argument sounds pretty legit on the surface, but hidden behind this argument is a self-serving agenda that poses a potent threat to the very existence of the firm.

Leisure Time faces Risk

Most of the lot protesting against the installation of powerful monitoring apps like Mobistealth on workplace computers is just trying to save themselves from being exposed. These employees waste a large chunk of their working hours on using Facebook, watching random videos on YouTube, or just randomly surfing the web. Many employees are even guilty of using office computers and internet to search for better job opportunities and send out applications. However, due to the size of organizations, it becomes very difficult for employers to know about such individuals. On top of that, they have a pretty busy routine themselves, making it harder for them to keep an eye on what everyone is up to. Employees take advantage of that and continue wasting their time on mundane and useless tasks. In order to keep themselves from getting exposed, they start complaining about privacy violation the moment their comfortable and leisure lifestyle at work is threatened.

Dishonest and Corrupt Individuals Feel Threatened

Time wasting at workplace is one thing and can be tolerated to some extent. However, dishonesty and corruption is intolerable and unforgivable. And as long as there’s no monitoring solution deployed in the company, there is a probability of crooked individuals going about cheating employers and customers freely. People involved in unethical and fraudulent activities also oppose the proposition of monitoring tools because they are afraid of being brought to light. Not only that, they also realize that with their activities being monitored, they would be compelled to stay within moral, ethical and legal boundaries, losing the chance to make some extra cash through illegal means.

The Sole Genuine Concern

Privacy is a legit concern, but there are a very few people who oppose monitoring solution because of this reason. Whenever a monitoring app is deployed at a company, there is always a risk of personal information getting out or getting in the wrong hands, so yes this concern is not without merit. For this very purpose, employers will have to take extra measures to guarantee safety and security of their employees’ data. If any kind of leak happens, the case against monitoring apps would get stronger and employer would be forced to get rid of them altogether. Furthermore, employees must be given an assurance that their personal information will be kept under wraps and not shared with any unauthorized individual or party.