Calls vs. Online Support


There’s no denying that the way we communicate has changed over the years. Where phones used to be common, we now find computers, tablets and mobile phones have taken over as the main form of communication. It only makes sense that large companies have followed suit and adapted their customer services to fit in with the advancement within technology.

One such method is the web based live chat. Whilst this has its advantages, is it really the best way to contact customer services?

Here we look at the difference between web based chat, including email communication and traditional phone based communication when trying to contact Sky customer services.

Live chat

So what is live chat and why is it becoming more popular? It is an online service where you can communicate directly with a customer services rep, and it won’t cost you any money. It is meant to be quick and efficient; however it does have its downsides.

The biggest downside being that, the connection may not be as steady as a traditional phone, and if by some chance your connection drops, you will lost your chat and will have to connect again and wait to peak to someone else.

There is also the risk of misreading what has been written, along with the fact that it’s hard to understand emotion through written words, and whilst the adviser will be helpful, it may not come across as such based on how they word things.

On the bright side, using live chat can take away the anxiety some people encounter while having to call a stranger. For some people writing down what they want to talk about also helps keep their thoughts together and on track. If you are on hold waiting to speak to someone on the phone, you risk forgetting all the points you want to make. If you are anxious, the wait time will only make things worse.

This is where online chat comes in. However it can feel quite impersonal and there are still people out there who would much prefer to hear a real voice, rather than having to look at a screen.

Traditional Phone

Whilst online chat has its advantages, nothing beats the original method of communication. Customer services have also been changed for the better in the traditional format, with shorter wait times, friendly staff and direct lines so you can avoid dialling trees.

You may think that Sky want you to use their web based chat more than their phone lines considering how difficult it can be to find a direct number to their customer services department. However, it is easy to find the number you want at

You should be able to find the number you need, even the Sky customer service number.

So why should you opt for using your phone? It is really up to you, you should use the method that works for you. Don’t forget though, with a phone you can hear the persons voice and sometimes it just feels good to hear a reassuring voice. Especially when you are worried about something. Can you get the same with online chat? It might help you solve your problem, but there’s nothing like genuine human interaction.