7 The Most Significant Hotel Website Widgets

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As technology is increasing, there are so many innovative tools coming day by day that make life easier and convenient.

There are so many tools and devices that you can use but one of the most important useful tool hotel websites is widget.

Most of the processes like check-in and check-out need to get faster so that time of the customer as well as manager can be saved, widgets play a huge role in it. They make the entire process flexible and quick that even do not include any human interaction.

Widgets are the effective tools that consist of rich functionalities and features that solve complex problems and save your lots of time and money.

You can use widgets in various ways for your hotel website from booking rooms to reviews to local guide on your website.

In this article, you will come to learn about the 7 most significant hotel website widgets that you should use in your website.

7 Best Hotel Website Widget That You Should Use

In order to reduce the time consumption and make the process convenient, the widget helps in solving most of the problems of your hotel website.

Use these 7 most crucial widgets in your website and see a significant difference how the users engage with your website.

Booking Widget

In this growing busy world, no one wants to stand in a queue for long hours and waste their time filling out numbers of forms. As technology is increasing, there are tools that will reduce the time of booking process and give your customers an instant booking.

Nowadays there are tools like booking.com widget that make the whole booking process simple by offering a clicking interface to book the hotel.

Most of the travellers like to check the availability of the rooms in hotels online so that they waste their time won’t waste. Also it is convenient as it gives them the opportunity to find another hotel if there are no rooms available in the previous one.

In order to understand your customers’ concerns and keep yourself technologically upfront then you should use a booking widget on your hotel website.

With the use of booking widgets you also attract customers and encourage them to book rooms from your hotel with an easy booking interface.

Review Widget

Reviews play a huge role in building trust and encouraging your visitors to turn into customers. There are applications that help in collecting as well as displaying reviews of the existing and new customers on your website.

You can use a review widget on your hotel website that helps to directly show your new visitors about the experience of customers.

These reviews help your new visitors to make decisions to book rooms with your hotel. Almost every customer wants to know the experience of previous guests who stayed in your hotel. Thus reviews play a huge role in converting visitors.

You can collect social media posts as the best marketing strategy and use it on your website.

Reviews give broad knowledge to your visitors about likes, experience, and features of your hotel that are really helpful for the new visitors. You can use Taggbox widget to display social media posts on your website and increase user engagement. 

Weather Widget

Weather is the add-on that you can use on your hotel website. Your visitors can instantly check what is the weather of the place.

Using a weather widget on your hotel website makes it more engaging and attractive to customers and they can plan their bookings accordingly.

As most of the customers of your hotel are foreigners, you should use weather widgets so that it can tell them accurate information about the weather and they can pack their bags as per the weather conditions.

Online Chat Widget

Online chat gives your visitors real time support and they get instant support for their queries. Most of the people hesitate in calling, thus chat helps in getting instant answers.

You can put an online chat widget option on your website  to make it more convenient and engaging for your customers.

Social Media Widget

If you don’t have enough time to regularly update on your website, but you know people are talking about your website on social media. One of the best ways to use your social media posts shared by your customers is by embedding these posts on your website. With social media aggregation tools like Taggbox, you can get social media content on your website and it will make your website look more appealing. In this way you also get fresh content on your website that also engages your customers.

Price Check Widget

Price check widget is the application that helps your customers to compare the price and instantly book your hotel with the price check.

When customers come to know the price of your hotel and that of the other hotel they become confident about what you are offering to your customers and what the other hotel is offering. 

Local Guide Widget

In order to help your customers easily use your website, you can use a local guide widget that helps your customers to easily access your website and navigate on your website.

This tool also helps your visitors to organise their trip in an orderly manner and find the best deals with your hotel in advance.

Not only to your customers, but this widget is helpful to your employees also as their time is saved from doing all this works as customers themselves

With these widgets you only need to welcome your guests inside your hotel and no need to engage in any time consuming activities.