solar power

4 Easy Ways To Go Green at Home

The need for environmental conservation has become more apparent than ever before. As research emerges, we learn more about how our daily habits can have negative effects on our planet. Many people are looking for ways to live eco-friendly lifestyles by reducing their waste and minimizing their carbon footprint. If you are looking to start 

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How to Improve Underground Mining Traffic Management

There are a lot of dangers associated with underground mining operations. The job is tricky in nature as tunneling through earth can presents miners with various unfamiliar environments. They face a host of problems on the job which affect their health and safety. One of the biggest reasons contributing to this is the difficulty of 

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Team Collaboration Software

A Freelancer’s Ode to Team Collaboration Software

For the past few months I’ve been embarking on the daily cyber marathon of checking Hotmail, texts, Skype, and WhatsApp in order to communicate with my team. As a freelance writer working remotely, it’s easy to feel left out of the loop. The constant sprint between messaging applications turns communicating with co-workers into a tedious 

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Huawei seeks Colombian students interested in technology to go to China

The technology giant Huawei introduced a training program in the area of new information technologies and communications in China, which is focused on young students across the country. The call, which opened Wednesday with the support of MinTIC, seeks to enhance the digital skills of young Colombians face to change the current economic model and 

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5 Tips on Building Your Online Brand

In the world of business, creating a successful online brand matters. Competition can be fierce in many industries, with a number of different companies all vying for the very same consumer base. This can make it difficult for newer businesses to stand out, especially for those lacking sizable marketing and advertising budgets. Branding is such 

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employee management

The Truth About Employee Monitoring and the Resistance It Faces

It’s not a hidden fact that monitoring apps are being deployed in organizations all over the world.  The driving force behind this is employers’ motivation to identify and deal with incompetent and risky employees for the purpose of improving firm’s performance and survivability. However, as soon as the topic of employee monitoring is brought up, 

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Micro Budget, Maximum Power Smartphones

It is quite uncommon to see anyone without a smartphone these days. The multi-utility device has found its way into the pockets of anyone looking to get the most out of their time. Packed with hundreds of features, smartphones today keep getting smarter. However, does that mean that they have to cost a bomb? Well, 

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