The Most Bizarre and Unexpected CCTV Footage Ever Captured

cctv camera

Having a CCTV camera in your business premises is a smart way of keeping it safe at all times. However, business owners and householders have also caught some weird and unexpected stuff on their cameras over the years.

Check out the following tales to see what kind of footage has been unexpectedly captured using these cameras.


Simply type “CCTV ghost” into YouTube and will enter a strange and frankly scary world of shadowy figures and creepy objects. It seems safe to suggest that at least a few of these videos are fake but what about the others? If ghosts really do exist then CCTV cameras offer one of our best ways of seeing them. Would you upload the video to YouTube if your CCTV cameras caught what looked like paranormal activity in your home or business? Lots of people have already done this and it is fascinating to watch their footage to see if you can work out what in Earth is going on. CCTV installers in Peterborough, London and many other parts of the world have reported strange sights on the videos they have caught but which ones are really from another dimension?

Funny Stuff

Another simple YouTube search worth carrying out is using the words “CCTV” and “funny”. This brings back tons of results in many incredible and amusing situations. You won’t believe some of the videos of the footage of people doing crazy things, falling over and carrying out embarrassing manoeuvres while they think that no-one can see them. We can see dudes dancing in public thinking that they are all alone, while others use public ornamentals plants as toilets or struggle to use stairs in a normal way. You are virtually guaranteed to laugh at some of these videos but you may also cringe as you remember how you have done similar things in the past, thinking that your secret was safe.

Office Mayhem

Did you know that seemingly normal people sometimes go utterly bezerk at work and start to destroy their offices in fits of uncontrolled rage? You might not realise that office workers have also been known to attack colleagues completely unexpectedly by throwing themselves across a series of desks in order to attack the other with rolled up papers or pieces of office equipment. The weird and wonderful world of office life looks even stranger when viewed through the screen on CCTV footage. Hopefully you don’t work beside any of the stars of these wacky videos though, as even a gentle stroll to the coffee machine can end in office mayhem when they get involved.

The moral of the story is that highly efficient CCTV cameras from the like of Business Watch Group now capture far more footage of our lives than you might think. This is great news when it comes to protecting a property from thieves but you might want to think twice before doing anything weird or embarrassing that might get caught on the camera.