Shopify is SEO-friendly, and That’s Good News

Shopify seo

Many small and medium enterprises have seen the light in the wake of the pandemic. They’ve realised that they should have at least some presence online, and many businesses have come to rely on an ecommerce platform as their main source of revenue. 

One of the most popular ecommerce platforms available with both vendors and SEO agencies is Shopify. Why would one platform be preferred over another with SEO agencies? It’s because Shopify is proactive in how the platform is organised and performs.

Shopify Understands the Importance of SEO

Every online application can benefit from an ongoing programme of SEO. It’s one of the basic truths of the internet. SEO keeps a website or an application running smoothly and operating as it should. Sites and applications that get a lot of traffic and activity tend to slow down over time. Links get broken, loading speed suffers, and the competition’s activities also play a part in a slowdown in the traffic of a website. 

Partnering with an SEO agency is the usual way for brands to keep their platforms and sites operating at their full capabilities. But Shopify makes the SEO agency’s job a little easier by being proactive in how the Shopify platform is set up. 

The people at Shopify understand the important role that SEO plays on an ecommerce platform and pre-empt the tasks performed by SEO teams. They tell you how many characters can appear in product descriptions or titles and automatically generate a sitemap to help you pinpoint any problem areas. 

Shopify also helps users set up 301 redirects as workarounds that avoid broken links until they can be fixed. The platform also tells Google automatically which master pages it should be indexing to avoid a loss of ranking due to duplicate material. 

Helping Themselves

The approach taken by Shopify in making the inevitable SEO tasks easier is something that more platforms should adopt. If your site isn’t mobile-friendly enough, Google will penalise you. Shopify adjusts the layout of your UI from a computer screen to a phone screen automatically, preserving your ranking and possibly saving your conversion rate. 

This approach has helped Shopify achieve the popularity it has. Brands are aware that Shopify offers all these helpful SEO-oriented features. And though they may not understand all the technicalities of these features, they know when their site is generating sales and profits and when it’s not due to technical issues. 

Shopify has helped itself become one of the world leaders in commerce platforms by being proactive in helping the user from an SEO perspective. 

Double Protection

With the SEO features of the Shopify ecommerce platform and partnering with an experienced SEO agency like Primal, your online revenue channel will enjoy double the protection and safety.  With more and more brands opting to commit more of their marketing focus to an online presence, they need to be as secure as possible to take advantage of the opportunities that this focus will bring. Contact Primal to learn more about the benefits of adopting Shopify on your website.