How To Protect Yourself at Home or at Work

The Great Recession demonstrated to modern Americans just how quickly life can change for the worse. Prepping, survival, and urban homesteading have captured the collective imagination like never before. Too often, however, home security is overlooked, and a critical component is staying safe by owning a tactical ballistic shield.

Not Just for the Streets

Everyone has seen terrifying images online or on television of law enforcement agencies standing up to marauding rioters and reckless mobs. The first form of protection wielded by the thin blue line is the shields they carry. But civil unrest does not always confine itself to urban centers. Neighborhoods, residential buildings, and rural areas can also fall prey to violence. Everyone could be vulnerable.

Professional Quality for Home Use

Today’s tactical ballistic shield is not a cheap mock-up of those that are carried by law enforcement. The kind of shield you can now own and bring to bear against an attacker can withstand 9-millimeter and 0.45-caliber bullets. The solid, durable construction means you can also protect yourself against bodily assaults.

The strong construction of today’s shields doesn’t mean something heavy and cumbersome. In fact, today’s shields are sized for the individual, lightweight, and easily handled. When maneuvering against home invaders in hallways, bedrooms, and other enclosed areas, this can make all the difference.

Peace of Mind

The tactical ballistic shields designed for homeowners and families today are a safeguard against the uncertainties of tomorrow. Because these are good enough for use by schools, students, and even the police, they will be good enough to use at home.

Business Solutions

You likely can’t wear your personal shield to work, but even if you can, what about the rest of your employees or coworkers? You want to find tactical solutions that will also work at your place of business. A professional company can evaluate your business and help set up alert systems with audio or video surveillance and even provide safety training for you and your employees.

When the time comes, you may be the only thing standing between violence and your family, or between your life and safety. With the use of a personal shield, you increase your odds against attackers and increase your family’s chances of survival. At work, knowing you have a safety system in place can help you feel more secure no matter where you are. When you’re protecting what matters most, the right tools are critical.