How to Properly Determine when You Need a New Display for Your Exhibition Booth

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Trade shows and exhibitions are always a great idea to create more brand and product awareness, and it should never be said that joining one of them is a waste of time or money – on the contrary; even if one event feels like it was not successful in selling or marketing, it is always an opportunity to learn about your competitors, their products or services, new marketing tools and techniques, or (most importantly) about your customers and what they want. You want to put your best foot forward, however, and make sure you attract as many people as possible. If your last attempt wasn’t that productive, perhaps you need to make adjustments. Here’s how to properly determine when you need a new display for your exhibition booth.

Think about the colour scheme

Your colour scheme may be outdated, or it may be time to keep the same colours but upgrade it to a new and more modern shade or design. Also, your colours should look fresh, so if your booth has some signs of fading, replace it. And no, the 80s look of neon is probably not a good idea.

  • Represent yourself. Do the colours accurately reflect your brand and match the products and services you offer? Do your customers like the hues?
  • Stand out. If your stand is blue whilst all other stands around you are yellow, then you stand out – so that’s good. Distinguish yourself from the competition.
  • Focus on your customer. Your focus should be on what the customer wants. You may like pink or blue, but your customers may not.

Use technology

Technology is all around us – and its purpose is to make our lives easier. So use it wisely:

  • Don’t look old-fashioned. Customers appreciate seeing new technology, so use it if you can. Especially make sure you don’t look unprofessional by using old-fashioned and outdated gadgets.
  • Use display tech. LED displays or other form of projection wall is great at grabbing the attention of those passing by. Use it wisely and combine it with great pop up banners and posters such as those from

You should always remember that it’s the way your booth is displayed and how it is presented to the public that determines whether or not people will come your way. You need to attract the people, and that means you may have to go a step further in your efforts. Attracting the customers is only step one, though – you need to retain their attention and engage them. Have a plan ready – employ people-oriented staff, and make sure they can answer any and all questions they might have thrown at them. Think of it as you being the fisherman; you need to fish well. You also need a good booth – attractive bait.



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