5 Ways Social Media and SEO Work Together


The only way business owners can sustainably compete in this digital age is by learning, adapting to, and utilizing technology. It is in harnessing the power of technology that you promote your business to a much wider audience.  As a business owner, you may already have your presence in the most commonly used social media sites. But have you used Search Engine Optimization (SEO) to maximize your presence?  This article will show how you can use social media and SEO together.  Thus, you get to create and increase customer traffic to your website.

  1. People use social media sites as search engines

Media sites like Facebook, Twitter, and others are now being used as search engines.  This is the reason why these platforms are now equipping themselves with better search capabilities to support their users’ needs.

  1. Facebook triggers searches

As your business gains more following on Facebook and other social media, it becomes a brand by itself.  People will start to recognize your brand.  They may even search for it using Google and other similar engines. More often than not, they will also use a keyword/phrase with your name.  Thus, you generate more traffic to your website.  This is why creating a more visible presence on the internet is a priority among business owners.  They usually engage the services of an SEO company to maximize their presence online.

  1. You get more clicks when people recognize your brand

People have the tendency to gravitate towards familiar brands.  When your business’ name appears on search results, they are more likely to open your website than the others. And if they find quality contents in your website, the more tendency they will have to visit it again. This is where an SEO company can be of great help to you in creating quality contents for your website.

  1. Hashtags as a marketing tool

A keyword or phrase is an important feature to have in your content. It helps people find you more easily when they look up a specific theme.  This is how creating hashtags can work for you. Their inclusion into your users’ feed enables you to expand your business’ organic reach. An SEO company can help you if you need assistance in the use of hashtags.

  1. Social media is a forum for discussions

People are now using social media as a venue for finding quick answers to their queries.  They usually do this by posting or looking at the comments on your social media page.  This is why having good hashtags and keywords on your page is important.

What do SEO and social media now mean for you?

Social media platforms are free to use.  You can easily create your presence on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and others.  At the same time, you can optimize your presence by using SEO techniques.  You can do this by using hashtags and keywords or by formatting your contents for readability.  Ultimately, using social media and SEO together helps you build your business, nurture relationships, and promote your identity online.