How to Exhibit Outside and Engage the Right Audience

How to get creative outdoors when exhibiting and increase footfall so you can stand out at your next exhibition.

There’s a big wide world of outdoor exhibitions out there and this article will cover everything you need to know to get the most out of it. No matter how many outdoor exhibitions may have attended in the past, when it comes down to being the exhibitor, you will need to plan carefully in order to attract the right audience to your booth.

It’s good to understand that there is more to take into consideration for outdoor exhibitions. Not only do you have to take the weather into account, but you also have to remember there’s a completely different range of stand designs and structures you can choose from.

When you start looking for outdoor exhibition stands, it is important to consider a contractor who caters specifically for outdoor displays. This is because the structure and materials used will be weatherproof and made from more durable materials to withstand a number of environmental factors. Once you have chosen your contractor, it is time to get down to the planning phase and work out a way to catch the eyes of passer-by’s to get more potential business to your booth.

What To Consider When Placing Outdoor Exhibition Stands


How to Get Creative At Outdoor Exhibitions

You can easily go for a branded gazebo, instant shelter or marquee if you are going to be exhibiting outdoors. It works well as a marketing technique because it allows you to capture your audience through stunning graphics, noticeable technology and enticing giveaways.

Outdoors there will be more to distract your potential customers in a sense. It could be a windy day, the clouds could look like they are about to empty buckets of rain on everyone or the heat could be scorching. It is the job of your creative team to experiment with different sensory promotional tools to get the minds and senses of your customers engaged and make them willing to step inside your booth. That’s why outdoor exhibitions stands that include music, TV’s displaying interesting presentations or video clips and various other media is always a good way of grabbing people’s attention. It doesn’t always need to make sense either. It can be humorous, glamorous even! Once you have their eyes, you can engage them in conversation and show off all the wonderful products your brand has to offer them.

If you are stuck for ideas and want some quirky inspiration, why not check out the Pinterest pages for outdoor exhibitions and see if it can spark your creative juices. Pinterest is always a good source of inspiration and even though the examples may not be within your budget, you can still use them in the planning phase as they may trigger a bright idea!

Don’t Forget To Stay Practical

If you are weighing up various outdoor banner stands, fabric frames can be a good idea as they can be easily transported plus come in weatherproof PVC materials so you can use them for future events too. You may also have to get inventive with the furniture you use. Just in case those high winds come, you will need high-quality semi-permanent/permanent fixtures with heavy bases. So ensure your exhibition contractor can offer you furniture that not only looks good but is practical for the outdoors too.

Want to get a flag printed? Or a winged banner display? If you want to opt for this to display your promotional graphics and artwork on, choose a resistant material that doesn’t fade with time. This will save you lots of money in the long run and ensure your booth looks professional no matter what the weather.

Your outdoor exhibition contractor should also be able to offer you solutions that are flexible and suit a variety of formations. This will enable you to get creative with your space and the exhibition.

So hopefully we have given you some ideas on how to get started when planning an outdoor exhibition. It’s not an easy feat competing for hundreds of people’s attention but with a bit of planning and some powerful ideas, you can attract the right audience to your exhibition booth in no time. Just don’t forget about the practical elements as being outdoors can expose you to a range of environmental factors.