Bringing Your Marketing Campaign to Success

marketing campaign

So you have your marketing campaign planned and ready to launch? Your team already did the research and think that your target audience will be receptive of your planned promotional gimmick?

Whether you’re launching a new product, holding a promotional event or introducing a new concept to your market, there are important tasks that you’ll have to do to ensure that your marketing campaign (whether it’s a one-time or annual event) will be successful. The key here is to promote the campaign itself, not just to your target audience but also within the people in your organisation.

You may have detailed, feasible strategies incorporated into the marketing campaign, but without educating your employees about it and without disseminating the information to the market, your planned promotional event could be a failure. It can be frustrating for a customer to get excited with a certain promo by your company only to realise that he couldn’t get adequate information about it when he contacts your customer service.

Here are some important tasks that are important for the success of an advertising campaign but you may have taken for granted:

  • Educate your employees, especially the sales team

Especially when you have separate departments for your marketing and your sales functions, you need to make sure that your salespeople know about the upcoming campaign. They are the ones who generally work directly with your customers, thus, they should be ready to answer queries.

But it shouldn’t just be the sales team. Everyone in the organisation should have at least the general idea of what’s coming up, especially in a hotel operation where most of the employees have direct contact with the guests.

By educating everyone, you can develop a consistent response that your people can give on questions about the marketing campaign from customers.

  • Get ready to handle enquiries

Does your marketing campaign generate enquiries from your target market? Then make sure that you have the capabilities to handle everyone. If you’re expecting a large volume of calls to your company, make sure to book professional telephone answering services to make it easier and more convenient on your part. The call handling company has the right equipment, resources, time and personnel to handle every telephone call in an efficient and professional manner. It’s just not practical for your own employees to handle the telephone calls, right? You need them to focus on the more important things for your business.

  • Update your company website

When people want to learn more about a company’s upcoming promotional campaign, they will naturally look up your official website. So make sure that your site is updated to provide at least the basic information people need to know about your marketing event. Updating your site will also help reduce the volume of phone calls or email enquiries you will receive regarding the campaign.

  • Don’t underestimate the power of social media

Keep in mind that your company’s social media accounts are important tools for your business, so make sure to use them wisely for your promotional event. Provide updates to your followers about the campaign on a regular basis. Social media can also serve as platforms where you can engage with your target audience and learn about their expectations. To bring their interest to a higher level, get them involved by organising contests or even by simply posting a statement or question that encourages discussion.

Wondering why your last promotional event was a failure despite your market research and campaign strategy? You might want to assess how well you disseminate the information within your organisation and to your target market.