A Day In The Life Of An IT Support Specialist


An IT support specialist has an important job because they are responsible for making sure that the computers and the systems that these computers are running keep working at maximum capacity. There are several tasks that an IT support specialist will perform throughout the day.

Installing Software And Hardware Onto Computers

One of the main tasks that an IT support specialist has is installing software and hardware onto computers. This software and hardware are designed to make the computers run more efficiently and to prevent them from having any serious problems.

The IT support specialist will monitor the effectiveness of the hardware and software. If the hardware or software is found to be ineffective, then it will have to be removed by the specialist. Common problems include the software making the computer run slowly, or not being recognised by the computer at all. You can find cost-effective IT support in Perth.

Monitor The Performance Of Computer Systems

The support specialist is also responsible for running and maintaining computer systems. There are lots of issues which can cause computers to run slowly or not work at all. For example, the computers may not have enough memory on their internal drives. It will be the job of the IT support specialist to make sure that the internal drives have enough space to make sure that the computer is working at full capacity. You will receive high quality IT Support with Avantgarde Technologies.

Preventing Viruses And Hackers From Infecting Computers

Viruses and hackers can compromise computer safety. It is the job of the IT support specialist to make sure hackers and viruses are kept at bay. The specialist will install anti-virus and anti-malware software which is designed to detect any threats and to alert the computer user.

This software needs to be monitored and updated on a regular basis to make sure that it is working properly. The IT support specialist will be able to scan computers on a daily basis with the software to make sure that it is completely free from infection.

Reset Passwords

People who are working with computers on a daily basis need to use a password in order to access the desktop. However, sometimes they will forget their password and have to request help from the IT support specialist. The support worker can then reset the password for the person using the computer.

Recommending Software And Hardware To Companies

The IT support specialist is also responsible for recommending a range of different software and hardware to the companies that they are assisting.

Training New Recruits

An IT support specialist who has gained a lot of experience will assume responsibility for training new recruits. They will attempt to pass on as much of their knowledge as possible, in order to train the next recruit to an acceptable standard. This new recruit will then be able to assist the senior IT support specialist with a variety of different tasks.

IT support specialists perform a vital role in helping businesses run effectively on a day to day basis.