8 Types of Office Desks

office desk

Office desks are a must-have for any working professional. There are desks for home offices and for large corporate spaces. Check out this list of eight kinds of office desks.

1. U-Shaped

U-shaped desks are big in size and have plenty of surface area, so one should not experience much trouble finding space to work after placing large items and pieces of technology on them. These kinds of desks typically have a multitude of storage and filing compartments.

2. L-Shaped

Desks that fall under the L-shaped category usually have a large, wide main desk portion and a smaller, thinner return area. L-shaped desks are very versatile and can be added to a spacious workroom or a cozy home office. Some even come equipped with shelves and storage units.

3. Corner

Most corner desks are relatively small, making them a perfect fit for tight quarters. Some corner desks have a rounded opening while others have a more angular one. Though smaller than many other sorts of desks, corner desks can still hold computers, printers, and lamps.

4. Compact

Compact desks are pretty small. They are ideal for tiny rooms. Some have a straight design while others have an L-shaped one. There are compact desks that can be attached to the wall of a room if need be. There are also compact desks that have storage space, but the space is often limited. 

5. Computer

The unique quality computer desks have is that they have wire management capabilities. Individuals who deal with large amounts of technological equipment on a regular basis would benefit from having these types of desks. Many of them can hold multiple monitors, scanners, speakers, and other types of devices.

6. Executive

Executive desks are fairly large and have a pedestal design. The work area within these desks is usually intended for one person. Many of these desks have quite a bit of drawer space. There exist luxurious executive desks that have very expensive features, such as gold accents and marble surfaces.

7. Adjustable

A person can change the height of an adjustable office desk so that he or she can stand up or sit down while working. Some of these desks are electric-powered while others have to be manually altered. Adjustable desks are great for flexible workspaces.

8. Credenza

Credenza desks have plenty of knee room and one or two storage pedestals. They also have top and bottom storage compartments that are narrow but roomy. Many credenza desks are made of wood, so they are quite sturdy.

A high-quality office desk can make one’s life easier. There are many first-rate desks available on the market.