The E-Myth Chiropractor: Why Most Chiropractic Practices Don’t Work and What to Do About It

“The E-Myth Chiropractor” book is a complete guide to helping chiropractors start a successful practice and addresses how to maximize existing practices, boosting their performances. This book features powerful, yet practical applications and advice that can help chiropractors achieve thriving, prosperous chiropractic businesses.

This practical, straightforward book highlights the following:

  • How chiropractors can avoid unproductive, unprofitable and time-consuming schedules;
  • Offers step-by-step advice for how chiropractors can juggle chiropractor, manager and entrepreneurial roles;
  • This book teaches chiropractors how to redesign their practices. This includes refocusing from tactical thinking, which is working in the business, to more strategic thinking, which includes working on the business;
  • Reduce the amount of time spent in the office, while increasing profitability;
  • Teaches chiropractors how to manage their office processes, including implementing an effective Management System;
  • Explains the importance of setting aside time for entrepreneurial work; and
  • Chiropractors can create a story about their practice, which becomes the primary focus of their business.

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This book hails as a pragmatic approach to business practices and chiropractors across the nation. Chiropractors that have implemented these techniques experience thriving practices. Transforming the way chiropractors approach their businesses, “The E-Myth Chiropractor” focuses on practice-management and client-centered care, which helps to boost business and increase customer satisfaction.

This book, written to appeal to chiropractic practices of all sizes, includes how to avoid pitfalls and focus on mastering business systems that are simple, yet skillfully managed. These systems focus on customer and client contact and accessibility, which helps build solid, long-term relationships.

Chiropractors can greatly benefit from the information provided in this book. This book highlights how chiropractors can transform their practices by rethinking day-to-day business operations. Chiropractors can also learn to liberate themselves from predictable and overwhelming business processes that result in unproductive, unprofitable and time-consuming routines. The straightforward business practices highlighted in this book benefit chiropractors, teaching them to manage processes and implement management systems that produce results as businesses grow.

The techniques in this book not only help chiropractors’ businesses, but also their home lives. Many people can relate to the following examples:

  • If you are angry and upset at work, this often carries over into your home life.
  • If you feel out of control at work, it is common to feel out of control at home.
  • When you experience money trouble at your practice, it is likely you are also experiencing money trouble at home.
  • If you have communication difficulties at work, it is normal to have everyday miscommunications at home.
  • When you do not have trust in your practice, you fail to have trust at home.
  • If you are secretive about your practice, you are also secretive at home.

Trying to keep chiropractic businesses and family separate is a common mistake that many chiropractors make. This causes chiropractors to essentially create two separate worlds, which results in all-around unhappiness.

The reason most of these troubles occur is that chiropractors go to school to learn how to help patients, not how to manage businesses, market their services and manage employees. Once they graduate from school and join or start a practice, they are overwhelmed with business practices that are unfamiliar to them. Without the necessary business models, chiropractors cannot achieve the level of success to share their chiropractic passion, while simultaneously running a financially profitable practice. Whether people realize it or not, every type of business is a family business.

Chiropractors benefit from the structure and ideas set forth in this helpful book. Successful practices require strategic thinking, allowing chiropractors to create a business that is unique, appeals to patients and focuses on maintaining long-term employees. This book can help chiropractors achieve and maintain these results.

There are many positive reviews within the chiropractic community about “The E-Myth.”

“The strength of the book was that it explained how to break down systems of managing the day to day operations while staying grounded …”

“A book that will be read and read again, as each time I read it I gain new insight, idea, realization. We do not just have a ‘[p]ractice,’ we have a small business with many moving parts. This book leads you to wrap your mind around creating systems for your patients, your employees and managing yourself in balancing the many roles of the business owner.”

“It helped to change my thoughts from merely technical to more managerial.”

“A stress-free practice and life means you serve for the right reason and in the most ethical way imagin[able].”

“Despite our best intentions our profession is simply not making the huge impact on our society that it could and should! Well this book will help correct this and will inevitably change the future of chiropractic.”

“This is a must read for any chiropractor or student. It’s clear to see that being an outstanding clinician isn’t enough – it’s essential to master sound business systems that simplify customer/client contact and accessibility.”

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