Review Generation- Myths Busted!

Businesses never flourish on fables. The user generated contents are growing immensely in the e-commerce world gaining popularity among the newbies as well as the established ventures. Getting a good testament from the user to be on the top is not a cake walk. Hence, to gain your momentum to success, make sure you have many illusions out of your mind. User generated contents are actually giving a boost to the e-commerce. All the companies try to get user generated reviews to retain their brand recognition among the users. Here are some myths busted about customer reviews:

Reviews are not important: Wrong

Customers become your brand ambassadors with great reviews. Never leave your customer unnoticed! The reviews actually focus on your performance and hence, they are truly important. Most of the user generated content displayed on sites like Trip Advisor is actually taken into consideration before deciding which place to go. The UGC links you to the customer and their needs. The retail industries completely depend on the ratings and reviews put up by the users which are guiding the potential buyers into their decisions. Hence, never neglect your customer review.

User reviews are not controlled: Wrong

User reviews are not readily available. To get the customer give you a review, is a tedious task. There are many approaches to get reviews from the customer after a purchase. The customer review sites help to get these reviews readily. Most importantly, they should be followed up with the user in order to retain the customers. Most of the reviews that lead to long conversations are actually built by the retailer and not the user. Hence, a majority of the inflow of comments and reviews are under your control. But you have to look out for the bad product reviews also and keep them in check.

Reviews are fake and do not affect the business: Very Wrong

There might be many competitors around you trying to pull you down with negative reviews. Many surveys have proven that reviews are important and that a majority of the online customers are heavily influenced by the user reviews. But if you do not keep an eye on your customers, you will end up with a lot of negative reviews generated by your rivals. Be prompt to respond to customer reviews, positive and negative to keep them in check. The more you keep an eye on your review, the more trusted customers will visit. According to surveys around 95% of the online shoppers go in detail to the reviews given on a product to decide whether it is good or not. The number of negative product reviews also has to be checked.

Bad review does no good to me: Wrong again

Nothing in the world can be 100% flawless. It is said that negatives bring out the importance of positives generally. Positive, as well as, negative review counts. Negative reviews are to be looked into and rectified promptly which will showcase your utmost truthfulness to the customer. Every customer would love to feel special. The more you show that you care, the more is the trust you build. Generally, people tend to leave a bad review when they are not satisfied with the product. At the same time, getting a good review is very tough even if the product is really good and is received well by the customers. These bad reviews, if remain unattended, are going to ruin your reputation and brand. Responding to these negative reviews in a polite and professional way will bring you more customers. The positive power of negative reviews is that they help to get a group of loyal customers on your side.

Managing reviews are tough: True, but there’s a way out!

The online media does wonders in the case you need a boost for your performances. Use the negative as well as positive reviews in favor of your business by highlighting them and showcasing them in the social media platforms. The majority of the shoppers are likely to see and believe the marketing done by the social media. The user review websites help to promote your business by using your existing customers to build a wider clientele. Portraying your positive and negative reviews is not difficult now. Potential customers look into these online portals to gain more information about your brand.

Customer reviews, when utilized optimally, can help you gain more customers among their network and a wider audience. Reviews are not only being used for marketing but also help in better SEO and SERP rankings. They also help you get better web traffic as that’s the power of marketing done by your customers rather than you flaunting your own benefits. It is high time companies realize the benefit of customer reviews and engage with them to benefit from their feedback. They also help you better your products and services which gain you more trust and customers.