Placing Signs In The Store

When you own a business, you need to have a way to attract customers and keep them once they get inside the store. Signs are a way to advertise sales and special events that the company may have through the year. There are various types and sizes from signage companies to choose from depending on the business that you have.

Larger signs should be placed at the front of the store and in the center of windows so that they are easy to see from the sidewalk or the road. Consider using bright colors that are easy to see. Avoid using neon colors as these can blur together. Try not to add a lot of pictures to the sign as the words can get lost among the images. You want something that is bold and that captures the attention of the person who is going by the store so that the person enters the business.

When you begin displaying signs inside, it’s a little easier to add the smaller details that will keep the attention of customers while offering information that they will want to know about sales and new products. Keep signs short and to the point so that customers aren’t guessing at what is offered. You want the customer to be able to decipher the sign and what it’s about in less than two minutes. If the customer has to spend longer than that on the image, then the person might leave.

Use fonts that are easy to read. While you might want to use something that’s a little fancy so that your business looks as professional as possible, it should be avoided as the words can get lost in the actual design of the letters. Don’t use a lot of various colors on the sign, either. Stick with one or two colors that blend well together, such as white and black. This is also easier for older customers to read as they can sometimes have difficulties seeing images that are too small. Make each sign personal so that customers feel like they are wanted in the store instead of needed for a purchase.