Is the World Getting Duller?


Popular paint colors are boring. Most of them are varying shades of white, black, gray, or beige without much divergence from those four base colors. Colors like those make up much of the modern monochromatic fashion that is becoming popular in decorating today. You may not have even noticed the trend of making colors duller and more saturated, but even companies like McDonald’s have fallen victim. The once vibrant storefronts of McDonald’s establishments have been replaced with tones of gray and white. So, is the world becoming duller, or is it a myth?

Popular Paint Colors

Of the top 50 most popular paint colors from Sherwin Williams, 16 of them have “gray” in the name, and even more of the colors are shades of gray without being named as such. Less than five of them are colors outside of the four mentioned earlier, and all of the colors are dull or pastel. While this doesn’t necessarily prove anything, it does provide some food for thought as to why these colors are so mundane. 

Cheaper Paint Colors

As paint comes out of a paint filling machine, you can sometimes see the difference in the quality of the paint. Paints are primarily made up of pigments that give the paint its color. These pigments come in different sizes, and smaller, finer pigments tend to be brighter and more vibrant. However, these smaller pigments are more expensive, so brighter paints are generally more expensive to make, which means they are also more expensive to buy.

This does not definitively prove that the world is getting duller, but these are just two reasons to support the supposition that it seems to be. Popular paint colors are generally very dull, and dull paints are less expensive to make. That is the evidence, now it’s up to you to decide. Is the world getting duller or not?