How To Stand Out From Your Competition with a CBD Office Address

virtual office

Are you starting a new business or looking to expand your existing one? Setting up a new business in Auckland can be tough – and making sure that you have a point of difference is definitely going to be part of your success. When you think about what it takes to be a successful business and to make a mark on your town, you might think about the various things that are the hallmark of a successful company. A prestige address is probably right up there on the list, right? While you might be thinking that you can’t afford a top-notch office in the best part of town, you might not have considered a virtual office as the solution. Having a virtual office is a great way to stand out from your competition because it gives you all of the appearance of prestige, with very little of the cost. You might not have heard of all of the benefits of a virtual office, but once you’re aware you’ll never go back!

A virtual office allows you to stand out from your competition in the sense that you can hit the ground running and work from a prestige address, without all the expenses of having to set up a commercial suite. You don’t need to worry about furniture, decorations or even bills or amenities cleaning – this is all taken care of. A virtual office will come fully set up – a turn-key solution if you will – and gives the flexibility of a short-term or longer term rental. You can even rent your office for as short a term as one month! As part of your virtual office service you have full access to meeting and conference rooms, and a dedicated receptionist on hand to forward calls and to take messages.

A virtual office allows you to get the edge over your competition who are paying big money for a commercial lease but who don’t use all of the space – in that you can spend the money you would have spent on your office on something else to grow your business. After all, if you have a team who are working remotely or who aren’t needed in the office, it can be disappointing to pay a lot of money for an office space and to have empty desks. Commercial leases are paid for by square meter (usually) and so when you’re not using the boardroom you’re paying for dead space. Not a great thought when your business is still in the process of growing, and when you need all the money you can get.

There are other benefits to having a virtual office, in that you can test the waters in a new city without having to commit to a long term commercial lease. Many commercial leases are for periods of five years or more, and this can be a potentially risky endeavour for some businesses. If you operate mainly online, it is hugely advisable for your business to consider the virtual office route. At the very least, you can operate with a virtual office until your business is too large to operate from a virtual space any more, and for when you need to have a team in-house.

A virtual office is a great option for any business who is looking for a hassle-free way to operate from a prestige address. If you’re thinking of opening a new business in Auckland and need a space that is going to set you head and shoulders above the rest then you need to consider a virtual office. Take a look at this link ( for more information.