How psychology plays a part in signage


Signage, when it is cleverly and professionally thought out, can make all the difference to your brand.  Signage has many functions, but POP (Point of Purchase) signage is designed to advertise a product at the location in which it is displayed.  Effective POP (Point of Product) signage is a critical component of a merchandising program.   

Signage Reinforces Your Brand Is Your Customers Mind

According to the Small Business Association effective POP  (Point of Purchase) signage develops a memory for a location of the products or services and then reinforces a memory and extends recall of other advertising efforts and attracts new customers and then modifies customary purchase decision. The underlying principles of POP (Point of Purchase) signage are the same to communicate the price features benefits of the product value in order to close sales or habits.

A study shows that 75% of people claim to remember a sign that they have seen in the last month.  This therefore shows that signage is a way to promote and get your brand seen and remembered by people.

Jamie from signage company Dock Street Signs said “While choosing the right signage can help boost your revenue a careless approach to promoting such products can also do damage to an otherwise well thought out merchandising plan.”

Speak To Your Customer

The first step is to understand the needs of your customer.  The most important function of your signage is to convey information that speaks to the needs of your customers.   Inexperienced retailers struggle with what to put on the signs, so sign makers help them by helping them choose what to put on the signage and what not to.

The signage should contain information to help to sell the product such as pricing but also include product features and benefits too.  It shouldn’t contain too much information nor too little also.  This is what a lot of people struggle with to get right.

Choose The Right Font

Signage has to be able to be clearly read so the font used on the signage needs to also be thought carefully about.  Signs come in all sizes and shapes, but they should be appropriate to the res of the signs you use.  Signage needs to fit the environment that you are putting it in.

Your customers will remember your message on the signs longer if they are short and bullet points and you state your facts.  Customers are smart so don’t confuse them by adding unnecessary information on the signage. 

Signage Wear & Tear

Change your signage as it gets older and shows signs of wear and tear.  Your brand or business will not give a good impression with tatty or faded due to the sun’s exposure on your signs.  It will make your brand or business look cheap and like you don’t care what kind of an impression you make.

Signs can increase sales with customer loyalty and improve the customer experience too.

Different signs can carry different messages depending on your business and the message you want to get out.  It can be a loyalty scheme for your current customers or signage to encourage future customers to take a look at your business.  So, adapt your signs to match your business needs.