Choosing a good slogan

Choosing a good slogan

Persuasive, attractive, convincing and to call much attention, so it should be a good slogan. Although already have the brand of your company , you can not leave aside the fact associate it with a phrase that summarizes your values, your attributes and your service in a simple way and always stay in the mind of the consumer.

Only in this way you get that is associated with your company, your product and your service. If you want to strengthen the role and image of your brand. On this occasion, we give you the keys that will help you know how to pick a good slogan. Do not let this random element, which is an advertising element. Take note!


Before you start thinking about your slogan you should know what it is. In its etymological origin, the word
“slogan” comes from two Gaelic words (“sluagh” “ghairm”), which means “multitude” and “Scream”. It is therefore understood that the word slogan as a battle cry, an emotion that leads to action, movement. It is therefore that corporate slogan should be a synthesis of the intention of the company, which provokes something in the consumer. The slogan should be the battle cry of the brand.

To create a good slogan, it must be simple and easy to remember. It is best that can be inserted into any conversation everyday level, make it part of the life of the people, for thus’ve got associate your brand to that cry of war.

Make sure that the slogan begins with an imperative, that is, with an order of dynamism and movement to the phrase. The intention is that, in addition to associate with the company and brand, promotes consumer action.

On the other hand, the slogan should rotate about the company, its values and its products. This is not important only in terms of identification but also positioning and knowledge of the company. Above all, this is an important option if the brand name does not speak for itself and the service and / or product offered is not known. Then the slogan gains importance over the name of the company.

If possible, the slogan should be three to five words. As mentioned above, to be something simple and storable should sum it up in one short sentence. It must be easy to pronounce for the entire group of consumers. So if you consider that in certain areas of the country do not utter a sound well, it’s best to avoid repeating the slogan.

In short, few words with few syllables easy to remember and pronounce is the safe bet for a good slogan.

If you want the slogan, besides to remember and pronounceable, understandable you must use specific words and put aside abstractions. More will pierce the concrete ideas in public, leaving much room for his imaginative capacity.

Remember that the slogan is one more method of selling and persuasion, so it must be understandable.

Creativity above all. Avoid traditional sayings and proverbs or simple metaphors. You must be original, since you if you use phrases already known or used may not reach the main objective: the consumer associates this slogan to your company or brand. Avoid anything that is already well – worn and used, and look into your imaginative and creative capacity, that slogan that defines you in an original way.

Brainstorming. To start the creation of the slogan, you must make a brainstorming where you put together the main ideas that must contain the slogan. Anything goes! Imagination and creativity will be your best allies for this task. It is important to write down everything, more useless it may seem, because of a big paragraph or multiple ideas can emerge the best slogan.

To make it more original, you can resort to two – way or pun. Remember that must be original and deeply with the consumer. The more shocking, the better. But yes, the slogan should highlight the strengths and positive points of the product and the company philosophy sincerely and without creating false expectations.

Brings a smile to the consumer by your slogan. The more you enter the mind of the consumer and reactions – generally positive – you get it, the better results will give the slogan.

Remember the basic premises:

Persuasiveness, creativity, simplicity and impact reaches the heart and mind of the consumer in a nutshell. Test it!

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