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3 Tips for Training Employees on Phone Skills

As a business owner, you want your employees to give off an air of friendly warmth and professionalism. Many client’s first experience with your company is over the phone, so it is important that your employees make a good first impression. Consider these tips on phone skills for employees. They will allow your workers to attract more clients to your place of business.

1. Give a Script for a Greeting

The greeting for a business phone call should be succinct yet efficient. The person should not answer with a simple hello as with other phone calls. Instead, the employee should answer the phone with a smile and thank the person for calling your business. They should also identify themselves so that the client knows who is speaking.

2. Offer Practice Calls

One of the best ways to train for any type of work procedure is to practice. Although it may feel silly, go through mock phone calls with each employee. This will allow them to become more comfortable with greetings, and they will be able to direct customer questions and concerns to the right person in the office.

3. Provide Feedback

Phone training should not be a one-time ordeal. You should do periodic updates with your workers to see what they are doing well and what can be improved. Make sure that you offer positive affirmation whenever you hear an employee make an exceptional phone call. After all, praise often does more than criticism, and it is important to highlight when your employees are doing things well.

When you take some time with your employees to properly train them on phone skills, you can look forward to a more productive workplace. Client needs will be met, and employees will feel confident in their ability to answer calls in the best way possible.