Why You Need a Sign for Your Business

business sign

Online advertising has exploded lately, causing companies to wonder if brick and mortar stores might become a thing of the past. Though no one can predict the future, statistics show that physical stores are here to stay and may even be gaining. To get people to your store or business, a sign is crucial to direct customers to your products. Here are four reasons that your business needs a sign.

Location Recognition

Many customers might initially look up a company online and then visit their place of business in the corporal world. They may even set their GPS to find the store. When they do, they will be looking for a company’s name, and they still need a physical identification that they are in the right place.  If you neglect this staple, you will have confused and frustrated customers.  New customers will also be attracted by a physical sign that indicates where a company is located.

Special Event Recognition

When a company plans a special sale or event, a sign at that location with event information will draw attention to it. Also, a sign will inform customers of dates and activities available. These signs can take the form of sandwich boards, vinyl banners, or digital signs. You can see some examples of what is possible at led signs Austin. Digital signage can boost the average purchase amount by nearly 30% and increase brand awareness by 47.7%, as reported by InfoTrends.

Name Recognition

Your company name is part of your brand. Customers associate a company name with the products they sell.  A good sign, that states the basics of the company’s name and type of business or product, will establish that connection.  For example, “Smith, Smith, and Smith: Attorneys” or “John and Sons Tree Service.” A graphic or logo will further add to this recognition.

Scientific Recognition

The psychology of signs overwhelmingly points to the effectiveness of signs in increasing sales.  A study by Fed Ex found that “76 percent American consumers enter a store they have never visited before based on its signs.” The fact is good signage works.  Without a sign, your business could be missing out on a considerable percentage of revenue.

Whether your company is a Business Location, Place of Worship, Community Center, or Organization Office, clearly it needs a good sign. Many sign options are available at differing price points. Your business must choose which sign is the best alternative for your needs and budget. Your business is counting on it.