Why Step Up Commercial or Industrial Ventilation?

It’s unlikely that any right-minded human being would question or dispute the importance of good ventilation in the workplace. After all, it’s hardly in the best interests of any business to rob its employees of clean and breathable air, without which it becomes rather difficult to do the most important of daily tasks…like staying alive. According to the experts at Total Extraction Solutions, it’s hardly common to find any business wholly overlooking the matter of good ventilation, but at the same time there are in fact very few businesses that really make as much effort as they could to ensure ventilation is not only provided, but taken to the highest possible level.

The general consensus seems to be one whereby if the ventilation box is ticked, that’s really all that needs to be done. In reality however, stepping up to an altogether higher standard of ventilation in the workplace can bring an array of benefits to both company bosses and the workforce alike – many of which are worth so much more than the cost of the installation itself.

Internal Temperature Reduction

For example, trapped heat tends to be a pretty big nuisance in the vast majority of commercial and industrial working environments, for which basic ventilation can only do so much. Modern ventilation systems of the highest quality are specifically designed to not only allow fresh air in, but to ensure that excess heat is allowed to escape the premises efficiently. This can often be a far more effective and efficient approach that trying to fight high temperatures head on with cooling system, making for a much more pleasant working environment on the whole.

Increased Productivity

Something else to bear in mind is the way in which a workforce cannot be expected to work to its full potential in an environment that’s wholly too hot and stuffy. It just comes down to basic comfort above most other things as when employees are too hot, too sticky and generally too uncomfortable, it has a hugely detrimental effect on morale. Poor morale leads to poor output which in turn sees the business as a whole take a hit, which is a pretty steep price to pay for operating a poor ventilation system. By contrast, keep workers cool, happy and comfortable throughout the day and chances are productivity will benefit as a result.

Lower Sickness Rates

Also on the subject of employees in relation to output, it’s worth remembering that the cleaner, fresh and more balanced the temperature of the air is within the workplace, the lower the chances of any employee having to take time off sick. Each year across the UK, tens of thousands of working hours are lost due to nothing more than unhealthy working conditions having made their respective employees sick. There’s really nothing worse for the body’s defenses than a working environment that’s too hot, too cold or filled with air that’s barely safe to breathe in. As such, step up to a better standard of ventilation and employee sick-day rates are likely to plummet as a result.

Risk Reduction

It doesn’t take a genius to work out that the hotter a working environment is, the higher the chance of it being damaged or destroyed by fire. This is especially so in instances where there is a lot of machinery or electronic installations around that may be prone to overheating if the ambient temperature is not properly controlled. One of the best ways of keeping these kinds of risks to a minimum is by ensuring that the temperature is indeed controlled day and night, which can be made much easier with superior ventilation systems.

Cheaper Operations in General

When a business is properly ventilated, each and every cooling system therein will need to be used far less frequently. This includes both the cooling systems in place for the benefit of the workforce and those that look after the machinery, computers and all other pieces of major equipment – all of which will be called for much less when the ambient temperature is better-controlled. This is in turn guaranteed to result in a marked reduction in energy use and thus a marked reduction in on-going operating costs as a result.

Peace of Mind

Last but not least, to invest in a fantastic ventilation system in the first instance means to also invest in the peace of mind that comes with knowing you’re covered for the long-haul. Chances are inspections and maintenance will eventually be required, but at nowhere near the kind of frequency you’d be looking at were you to go with a lower-grade system.