Why Good Employees Leave and Four Ways to Keep Them


You know what they say, good things will not last forever. Or maybe they say, the good ones always go. Whatever it is, you know the story. Right when something seems too good to be true, it just gets pulled right out from under you. The crazy thing is that I could be writing about any topic and that story would make sense. But, how can we make this phenomenon not be the happenstance in our workplaces? If you get a good employee, the last thing you need is for him/her to leave! This article intends to delve into why good employees leave, but most importantly four great tips for keeping them around. In fact, your company is only as good as your worst employee.

Why Good Employees Leave

Okay, so this cannot be true for every single “good” employee… but these may be some factors that are true for many. Good employees may leave because the pay is not enough, the environment is stressful, there is no work/life balance, he/she is not getting the recognition he/she deserves for being such a good employee, or there is no advancement or room to grow for this blooming professional. You may not be able to solve all of these problems; however, there are a few tips to improving employee conditions and keeping quality employees comfortable.

  1. Establish a Warm Work Environment

This is not referencing the temperature of your workplace; although, that could be a problem as well. A warm work environment is encouraging, comfortable, accepting, inviting, growing, uplifting, and organized. There is no room for sloppy work, negative attitudes, hateful staff members, degrading vocabulary, haughty spirits, or disrespect. This starts with you- the boss. Create an example for how you want your members to treat one another and you. Represent the warmth you expect your employees to exhibit and feel. That style of environment will be hard for anyone to abandon.

  1. Play Fair

Play fair when it comes to money, time, resources, and benefits. A sad commonality in “good” employees is that they work harder than the rest but get treated the same or worse. If this is seemingly the case, he/she would of course not want to stay. If you have an employee that goes above and beyond the rest, treat him/her accordingly. Maybe this means a productivity bonus, paid time off, maybe it simply means the best parking spot in the lot, or verbal recognition at the company Christmas party. Give credit where it is due. Do not let your good employee feel like the workhorse that is under appreciated.

  1. Be Understanding

Create a place that respects and understands a work/life balance. Your best employee and worst employee still has a life and family outside of your office. When a career becomes the root of discord, expect a good one to retreat.

  1. Educate

Finally to keep good employees, you must make them. Provide education and training to build up quality professionals. Alas, you will not struggle to keep them, because you build them.


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