Which is the most convenient online courier?


Many online shipping services have been born in the last two years. These services allow you to book a shipment from the comfort of your home, and then wait for the courier to arrive to deliver the package.

Easy, fast, without wasting time and effort

These services are increasingly used because they are much more efficient and cheaper than the alternatives that were there before: having a contract with a courier (only possible for companies and only if you have to make many shipments) or go in the mail and bear the tails and the loss of time.

All these online services work very similar: enter the place of departure and arrival, enter the size and weight of the package, the system calculates the cost of shipping, pay with Paypal and credit cards and you’re done. The carrier comparator, Truckpooling.it, also allows you to compare the offers of various operators and choose the preferred one. The others usually have an agreement with a single courier who takes care of the shipment: like us, they are also simple intermediaries. For the perfect parcel shipping to USA you will be having the best deals now.

Send almost free, compare online couriers discover the best offers to send a package, compare the shipping price, choose the express courier, pay online collection and home delivery. Registering with Web Mail is very simple.  You can fill in the online form or enter the first shipment directly using the “Single Shipping” tab: once you have completed your order you will receive an email with the confirmation of registration and the keys to access your profile.To send a parcel in Italy or in Europe, with collection and delivery at home the easy, secure and fast online shipping portal Documents, voluminous packages, important values, recommended, sports equipment, motorcycles, hanging garments, drugs and more: whatever you need to send, with us you can do it.  Efficiently and on time: just choose the right service, Ship your packages all over USA. The option for Parcel tracking is also there.

With all the choices at our disposal the question remains:

Which is the most convenient online courier?

To understand this we have prepared a table that makes comparing the online shipping services. We have a sample of the 10 largest operators, which should give you a wide choice and a fairly comprehensive overview of the industry. We have simulated seven trial expeditions, with increasing weight and pack size. As you can see from the table we started from a pack of 1 kg and with sides of 10 cm, up to a 70 kg pack with 70 cm sides.

The prices were measured by simulating an expedition of the size indicated in the table from UK to USA (except for rare cases of uncomfortable place, prices will be the same for all parts of the country).

All prices are VAT included , they are the final prices you would pay to send a package of that type without additional services (insurance, delivery to plans, delivery at scheduled times).