Visitor is the key in you online business success


Internet success is often judged by analytics, such as the number of daily unique visitors you attract to your site. The logic being that the more people who visit your site, the more sales you will make. So how does a person go about attracting as many people to their site as possible? Needless to say, there have been literally volumes written on this exact subject since the dawn of the Internet. While some methods of increasing traffic to your site are clearly more effective than others, there is not one definitive solution for everyone. What you sell on your site, as well as the demographic you are after, will both play large roles in the ease with which you can get people interested.

Here is how to attract visitors to your site.

1. Have contests

Let’s face it, people love to win things. Use this fact to help you drive up the amount of people who visit your site. Go to various message boards and chat rooms frequented by people in your target demo. Let these people know about the fact that you will be having a contest in the near future. In order to win, they must stop by your site and register. You will obviously be hoping that they will explore the rest of your site during their visit, making them aware of the products or services you offer. If you are lucky, they might decide to buy something on their first visit.

2. Provide original content

Set yourself apart from your competitors. Instead of just having a standard online store like people have seen before, give your visitors and potential customers a little something extra. Write some blogs or post some videos that are related to the things you are selling. If you decide to do some blog writing, make sure that you use plenty of keywords that are associated with the products or services you are offering on your site. If your blogs and videos are good enough, it will give people a reason to keep returning to your site.

3. Choose your domain name wisely

When you are deciding on a domain name, try to choose one that is spelled similarly to a site that is already popular. When people search for the popular site, your site will also come up in the search results. You might also get a lot of additional traffic from people who simply spell the name of the popular site incorrectly. This will be an added bonus. Once you build up a following of loyal customers, you can get a domain name that you prefer from

4. Have sales

People always love a bargain. You will be amazed how many people will flock to your site to take advantage of a sale. You should occasionally mark down your inventory enough to make your customers feel like they are getting a deal, but so that you are also still making a profit. Make sure you promote your sales as much as possible.