Using Facebook for Your Small Business

Facebook for business

Facebook and other social media tools are a great asset to the online marketing aspect of your small business. However, it is only an asset if you use it correctly. Here are four top tips for using Facebook for small businesses:

Make Your Posts Meaningful

You are on Facebook to market your business, but what Facebook really provides is the ability to extend your brand. Your posts should be meaningful to both your brand and your customers – who are, after all, an essential part of your brand. Around 80 percent of your posts should be social posts. They should still be related to your industry and your business, and they should not be overtly promotional. Only 20 percent of your posts should be directly regarding your particular products and services. You should avoid posting frequent advertisements through your Facebook because your followers will not see that as fun. In fact, they will only see your company making a hard sales pitch, and most of your followers go on Facebook to avoid these sales pitches.

Post Often

You should update your Facebook frequently. Posting often does not just mean updating your status every few days. It means that you should also respond to the people that reach out to you on Facebook. Even if you are using software to periodically post your statuses, you should have a real person behind the computer replying to comments, questions, and even negative feedback. Make sure that you post no more than one or two times each day and no more than four times each week. Fans want to see what you have to say but they also do not want you to fill up their newsfeed. To get an idea of how frequently you should post, check out Sentry Energy Production’s FB profile.

Grow Organically

Try to grow your following on social media organically. While it is tempting to grow your following using an inexpensive like growing service, you will find that even an extra 5,000 likes will not accomplish your advertising goals. Fake fans are not engaging with your product and engagement will directly affect how often you appear in your fans’ newsfeeds. Also, real fans can often see straight through the typical fake fan ploy. If you have 25,000 likes on Facebook, but only eight people liked your profile picture, the source of your fans becomes very obvious.

Keep It Short and Sweet

In case you didn’t learn it from text speak, the Internet is all about brevity. If you want to write posts that your fans will engage with, you have to keep them short and sweet. Try to keep your posts less than 80 characters. When posts get to be too long, they will be abbreviated or hidden by Facebook and no one will read them.

While social media can do wonders for your business, it only works if you use it the way your customers do. By watching the frequency and length of your posts and avoiding spam, you can grow your social media following while simultaneously growing your business.