Twitter Marketing Tips That Can Lead to Conversions


Up until now, it has been pretty simple for gaming websites and developers to find leads and convert them into sales. Hashtags and tweets themselves containing the keywords that users search for pop up on the feeds of targeted customers, allowing them to browse and click as desired. A brief glance at the Twitter feed of Sun Bingo reveals how easy it is to entice gamers who might be sitting on the fence with sign-up bonuses, time sensitive offers and features that users can only find through the social network. A few changes have been made to Twitter’s advertising portal that do complicate the approach that gaming websites have been taking, but the end result is a much more accurate measure of sales lead conversions.

Where to Find Leads On Twitter?

All you have to do is sign up, add a moderately professional looking header and main image, and then start tweeting to ramp up interest on Twitter. Firstly, users are going to have to get to know your company. Then, they’re going to have to get used to you, understand your message and learn what you’re really hoping to accomplish. In other words, don’t think that you’re going to start getting quality leads simply by claiming your Twitter profile. Twitter users want to see consistency before they’re going to link themselves to your page, but after that, you’re going to begin to locate some very high converting leads.

Does Gaining More Followers Always Mean Higher Conversion Rates?

Some companies are able to gain millions of followers on Twitter, but their conversion rates remain flat. While you may assume that more followers means more leads, realize that not all followers will consist of your targeted customer group. Your list of followers may be made up of other companies in your industry, people who like the tweets you’ve been sending out, and some are going to be bots in search of follow-backs. While you can’t control who follows you, you can boost your company’s credibility by naturally gaining followers and only following-back individuals you know to be authentic.

Increasing Conversions Via Twitter

Having a quality list of followers will lead to more conversions, but interacting with your chosen group of targeted clients will help immensely. Taking the time to engage in open conversions with users, answering questions quickly and thoroughly, and showing that your company takes action in the face of adversity will get you more conversions. You may not be confident that your efforts are taking hold in the beginning, but all you need to do is exhibit patience and witness the Twitter community as a whole start to embrace your company.

Your business can use Twitter to increase conversion rates and find more leads with a powerful marketing campaign aimed specifically at social network users. Being on Twitter will let you know what other topics are of interest to your customers, and you’ll be able to write tweets that are impactful, interest generating and appealing to those highly coveted leads you are dying to capture. Set a timeframe in which you hope to capture a certain amount of leads and sales, and alter your Twitter marketing campaign as you continue to gain knowledge.