Top Tips For Inspirational Brochures


Designing a brochure can be a rewarding project.  There is nothing like creating something that you and your customers can hold touch and read.  The design is more than an arrangement of different parts it includes texture and feel in a way that digital projects cannot compare with.

In addition to all the design considerations you normally think about there somethings that are specific to print projects.  Here are some useful top tips for improving your next inspirational brochure.

What Is Your Budget?

Like designing for screens, you need to know exactly what your budget allows in terms of printing.  This will allow you to choose the highest quality that you can afford.

Who Is Your Target Audience?

You may also want to consider the assembly of pages, the shape and distribution. According to Jamie from Leeds Printing Company“A brochure design should reflect the audience who will receive it, so think about who your target audience is.”

Consider the age of recipients of the brochure as younger or older can impact how the size and overall feel of the design of the brochure. 

Quality Over Cheap

You cannot get away with low quality element when producing something for print.  A low res photo illustration will become evident quickly. You need to use high quality and high resolution to ensure that your brochure design looks great.  This includes images, illustrations, logos, icons, typefaces and sharp colour palettes.

There are many physical features you can include in a printed brochure design.  Texture can add a depth to your brochure and be of high visual appeal to your customers.  Effects to consider should be foil, letterpress, spot UV, different textures of paper, die cuts, different folds in the paper.

Clear Call To Action

Always add a call to action on your brochure.  One of the elements most commonly left off such brochures is the call to action.  You need to think about what is the goal of the brochure?  What should customers do after they see and read it?Make this action clear to them.  Whether it is a tear off card or coupon, call a phone number, go to a certain place for an event or special offer.  Establish what users are supposed to do and encourage that behaviour throughout the design. 

Where Will They Be Shown

One of the most common issues with brochure design is forgetting that many brochures fit into some sort of container for display.  Make sure key visuals and messaging are easy to see and read before they are pulled out of such a container.

Find a theme for your brochure and stick to it.  A solid theme sets the tone for the brochure and provides a consistent user experience for the readers.

Grammar & Spelling

Print and proof the design.  There is nothing more embarrassing or expensive as a typo in a brochure design after it is printed. Brochure design can be a lot of fun but as you can see there are a lot of considerations.  If you are in doubt go for a more simple design.  It can be somewhat easier to imagine how it will actually print.