Top 5 Small Business Marketing Ideas


The Internet is one such platform that allows you to cater to the global market in the fastest and most efficient of methods. It is literally the powerhouse around which small business marketing ideas thrive. Whether the idea is at a local or global level, when it comes to reaching people, the Internet is by far the most successful of platforms.


A website must be unique, have good coverage and must be packed with ideas to help gain traffic and consequently serve its purpose. So here are some basic small business marketing ideas to help you do that:

Attractive Offers and Discounts

Some small business marketing ideas can include localized banner ads or offering free or discounted items for the promotion of websites and thereby gathering more traffic for the site.

Wider Web Presence

The key to gathering more traffic for your website is to ensure that your web site has links in other sites and it’s presence is not just limited to its own URL. Register the web page with search engines and get optimized content for best results. Including SEO or Search Engine Optimization Content in your website is a smart move!

Creating Blogs

A small business marketing idea to keep in mind while designing your website is to create an Ezine. So what is an Ezine? Ezine works like a bank. It is a place where one can write articles on products and services that are on offer. This is a very useful thing. It is good for the business to be diversifying its territory to follow upcoming market trends. It is vital that you comment on blog posts and when creating one, select your keywords well, enabling sites to pop up in search engines. Your keywords should be placed at a density of two to three per cent. Thus, if your article or post has around 500 words then the keyword and pertinent variants should be present around 10 to 15 times.

Affiliate Marketing

Commenting on blog posts and in chat rooms that are inter-related is as important as writing the articles. This will help in forming affiliates. Affiliate marketing is a sort of partnership where the partner will publicize your products and services in return of you doing the same for him. Thus, if someone clicks on the advertisements or buys a product from a business, the other gets a residual payment – a tactic used by affiliate marketers.

Online Advertising

Another trend includes online advertising. The base for this sort of idea is formed by the user’s local area and demographic information. This way, the business owners can dodge expenses involved in such campaigns by simply projecting it online! However, there is an undergoing change happening in this sector. The old method of Pay-Per-Click is being replaced by the Cost Per Action method of advertising. Previously, one had to pay the advertisers even if a person did not sign up for a site. But now, the publisher needs to be made only in case of a purchase being made.