Successful Tools For Non-Profit Companies


Most non-profit businesses are born from a desire to make a difference. The drive comes from either something you personally have struggled with or something that has deeply impacted you. Because the face of non-profit takes on a different character depending upon its mission, there is no end to the possibilities out there for beginning and maintaining a successful company for the welfare of others in one way or another. Do your research and plan your strategy to get started.

Knowledge Is Powerful

Once you know what your true passion is, it’s time to do your research. Your most valuable resource is someone who is already doing what you want to do. Even if the goals or the strategies aren’t exactly the same, it’s surprising how much information there is to be gleaned from him. Take the time to sit down and listen to how he is running his business. Ask about things like

  •          Liability and insurance tips to protect your company
  •          Forms and procedures he uses daily
  •          Agencies that are helpful
  •          Barriers he came across and how he cleared them

Strategy Is Helpful

Once you know what service your business is going to provide, plans for inventory and staff are your next steps. Since you are a non-profit, reaching out to the community you plan to serve is a great start to build your inventory. Often, when the public and local businesses learn that you are there to help, they are eager to become part of the solution as well. They may be able to help provide necessary start-up provisions.

As far as staff, volunteers are always a great resource. Another one to consider is community service workers. What better way to give back than for them to work at a non-profit and make a difference? It is a fact that most people who perform their service in a positive and honest non-profit, walk away encouraged and with a strong desire to continue to give back. Additionally, the success rate for them to complete their service is much higher and they often return as your most faithful volunteers.

Planning Is the Key

Once you know what you want to do, how you are going to achieve it, and who is going to help you, you can put your package together to apply for your non-profit status. Using the wisdom of those who have blazed the trail already, including your local community, and using staff that is willing or required to perform a service round out your needs and put you on a successful non-profit path.