Quality HR and Payroll Management Software

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The more your company grows and expands, the more difficult it becomes to run an efficient HR department that responds to everyone’s needs. HR and payroll management software can make the myriads tasks of a modern HR department easier to manage and much more efficient. 

When a company begins to expand across the borders of countries, they start to encounter entirely different ways of doing things and unfamiliar requirements that must be satisfied to comply with government regulations. The more countries they expand into, the more requirements there are to satisfy and the more difficult and time-consuming the many facets of HR become. 

Suddenly, satisfying the demands of payroll management becomes a problem while dealing with all the other tasks of HR. Managers can find themselves falling behind in their vital daily tasks. Every manager knows the needs of employees should always be at the top of a company’s priorities. A viable solution to the problem of caring for the needs of your employees is looking outside your own HR department for qualified help.

Qualified Outsourcing

Outsourcing your payroll management and HR services is a good business practice in this day and age. Your HR department can enjoy the increased efficiency that comes when they are supplied with a wealth of technology and expertise. 

The centralised structure of a company’s main HR department can work more smoothly with the many regional HR departments of a multinational company with the added resources that HR outsourcing provides. 

Compliance and Managed Payroll Services

With the software and expertise offered by OS HRS, an HR outsourcing leader, your company can enjoy an end-to-end, one-stop global solution to all the facets that efficient and comprehensive payroll management demands. 

OS HRS company can provide a compliance service that will send you weekly emailed updates. These updates keep you apprised of any changes to the statutory regulations affecting taxation, social security, and foreign worker regulations of the countries where your company is doing business. At the same time, they will update your payroll software to reflect these changes, so you’ll always be in compliance. 

The software can be seamlessly integrated to work with the top business software systems. It offers multi-language and multi-currency support and an automated payroll processing system that relieves your HR team of much of the manual work. 

It includes a comprehensive employee self-service module that simplifies the claims, travel and expense requests, approvals and disbursements. This module can be completely customised to your company’s specific policies. It also includes a full suite of workforce management functions, including time, attendance, leave, and casual labour.

Your HR team can easily keep employee information current and manage employment applications, as well as the learning and development progress of your employees.  Learn how outsourcing HR tasks to OS HRS can increase the efficiency and accuracy of your company’s HR department. Contact OS HRS to find out more about their services and HR payroll management software.