New Zealand and Its Popular Wine Business

New Zealand is famous in the international wine scene. People who visit the country sure to add wine tasting in their itinerary. Why not? Kiwi winemakers produce delicious and high-quality bottles of wines that are consistently praised by wine experts and enthusiasts all over the world.

The wine scene in NZ all started with one single grape variety from a single region – Sauvignon Blanc from Marlborough. The first planting was from 30 years ago and since then the popularity of wine in the country became unstoppable.

Wine is now one of the country’s top ten exports. And not only Sauvignon Blanc but also other wine varieties are being praised by wine experts worldwide.

Here are some of the best and finest New Zealand wines that you should try when you get a chance. This is perfect for wine enthusiasts out there.

  1. Clearview Chardonnay

Tim Turvey planted grapes at Te Awanga in 1988 and the first vines he put in were Cabernet Franc but shortly afterward, he planted Chardonnay and as they say, the rest is history. Now, this luxury Chardonnay bottling, Endeavour, is considered as the most expensive white wine available only in New Zealand. It has fruity flavor with distinct crisp citrus taste and some elegant notes of toasted nut and grain. The flavour stays in your mouth and allows you to enjoy every sip of it.

  1. Felton Road 1997 Pinot Noir

Wine guru, Robert Parker declared this wine as one of the top 3 wines in a blind tasting of Burgundy reds back in 2002. This is perfect for any romantic occasion with the signature sweet, seductive and powerful taste that will definitely heat up the night.

  1. Arrogant Frog Ribet Cabernet Merlot 2004

This is one of the French red wines with attitude. It has plenty of berry flavours and smooth tannins that complement each component and flavour in every sip. This wine will make you crave for more than glass hence more than one bottle.

Since New Zealand is know for its high quality and locally produced wines, there are numbers of great wineries that are popular among both locales and foreigners who are having a vacation in the place. Some of these popular wineries include:

  1. Osawa Wines – owned by wine enthusiast Taizo Osawa who has travelled in America, Australia, and New Zealand until he decided to start his own winery. They offer 11 varieties of wines from pinot noir to chardonnay.
  2. Trinity Hill – the winery’s location in the former bed of the Ngaruroro River is said to be the reason how great wines are produced in the area. It is run by some of the best wine experts in the country. People who visit the place always go for chardonnay, syrah, or cab blend.
  3. Burn Cottage Vineyard – the 10-hectre vineyard is located alongside a 20-hectre farm filled with cattle, sheep, olive grove which all contributed to healthier fertilizer that helps produce world-class wines.

If ever you are visiting New Zealand, you now know what kinds of wines to taste and wineries to check out. There are other best wineries that you can find in different parts of New Zealand. Kiwis are very serious when it comes to their wine business and that’s why they are popular worldwide.