Enjoy a Wedding Package at the Riverine Hotel and Residence


Weddings are busy, emotional affairs. Sometimes, seeing to all the arrangements can be tiring and hectic for the bridal couple and families. With so many things to see to, couples often lose track of why they’re having a wedding in the first place and forget to enjoy their guest’s company and simply live in the moment. Enjoying a wedding package at the Riverine Hotel and Residence can solve this problem and relieve you of the burden of seeing to all the details yourselves. 

The Riverine offers couples a choice of a Thai-style wedding or a Chinese-style wedding. The wedding service will be managed by the Riverine’s wedding planners, and they’ll see to all the details. This relieves the wedding couple from rushing around and lets them enjoy their special day and the company of their friends and family.  

Wedding with a River View

The wedding service will be held in a beautiful room with a panoramic view of the Chao Phraya River. The Riverine Hotel and Residence is located in Nonthaburi along the banks of the river. It’s peaceful and offers plenty of room and parking for your guests without having to ask them to battle the traffic of downtown Bangkok. 

The wedding couple will be provided with a hotel room as part of the package. This will ensure they don’t have to rush around and can slow down and soak up the warmth and magic of their special day. They can be sure to visit with all the friends and family members attending the wedding, pose for pictures or take a romantic walk along the riverside after the festivities have ended and talk about their new life together. 

The Way Weddings Should Be

Many people forget about the purpose of a wedding in the excitement leading up to the big day. They think it’s about how many guests they can invite, finding the most opulent wedding gown, or where they’ll be spending their honeymoon. They forget that the main purpose of a wedding celebration is simply about spending time with the people they love and asking them to join them in their happiness.   

Choosing a wedding package and allowing a professional team of wedding planners to see to all the details of the wedding service simply makes sense from that perspective. It frees the wedding couple from spending their day dealing with suppliers and allows them to spend it with friends and family members. It allows them to be a part of the celebration. This is the way all weddings should be.  If you and your partner are trying to arrive at a wedding solution and venue in the Bangkok area, Contact the Riverine Hotel and Residence and inquire about their wedding packages. Allow the Riverine to handle the details of your special day so you can relax and spend time with your guests. The Riverine will help make your day memorable and comfortable and provide you with everything you always wanted in a wedding.