Dtac’s Mobile PBX Prices Help Entrepreneurs Save Money

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Entrepreneurs and startup business owners are constantly trying to stretch their limited funds. Once you begin to hire the people you need to make your business a success, the pressure only increases. dtac understands the financial problems that can occur when a young visionary has a better idea and wants to prove it to the world.

dtac is providing their mobile PBX system at an introductory price that will help the entrepreneurs of Thailand breathe a little bit easier. They and their employees can enjoy all the services that the OneCall mobile PBX system offers in helping to build successful businesses in Thailand that never miss a call. And during the first three months of the service, they’ll enjoy 50% off the subscription price if they subscribe between Aug 1 and Aug 31.

Complete Connectivity

The OneCall system is perfect for growing startups and established SMEs that need to remain flexible but professional in how they handle the phone enquiries of their customers. It offers a system that provides complete connectivity to all the company’s employees, no matter where they are.

If you’re the main contact point for your company, you can easily transfer multiple calls from your iOS or Android smartphone or from a website. With no PBX hardware to install and no IT department required to maintain the system, it can be as flexible and mobile as you and your employees are as you build your business.

 Wide Range of Features

Once you subscribe to the OneCall service, your employees will start to rely on the range of services it offers. It also makes life more efficient by providing a Call Detail Record that allows you to track the history of each call. Between this and the Dashboard Report, companies focused on customer service can analyse their performance and easily see how it can be improved.

The OneCall service also features:

·        Interactive voice response

·        Call hunting

·        Voice mail

·        Call forwarding

·        Call queuing

·        Call transfer

·        3-way calling

·        Internal extension dialling

·        Instant massaging

·        Caller ID

In addition, it also includes line state monitoring that allows an administrator to check the user status settings and ensure that everyone can be easily reached when needed.

Ideal Tool for Success at an Affordable Price

Some of the business owners have remarked that the OneCall service provides everything they need to instantly connect their customers with knowledgeable employees who can answer their questions. This increases customer trust and satisfaction and helps establish a good reputation for a startup company or a young SME.

While your company is getting the most out of the OneCall system, it will be saving money you can use for other needs. The OneCall mobile PBX system provides the features you need in the early stages of your company’s development at a price your business can afford.

Find out more about what the OneCall system can offer. Contact your dtac representative and learn how OneCall can help your business grow and succeed.