Captivate Your Market with Corporate Video Productions

corporate video

How often do you skip over posts and photos on social media, but end up stopping at a video to see what it’s about? And what about the interesting video advertisements on YouTube that you watch just a little longer than you need to before skipping to the video you wanted to watch (which also happens to be a video)? People want to watch videos, and they are a huge part of our lives, so it’s time to tap into this resource with corporate video productions!

A versatile marketing tool

Making use of corporate video services is one of the most versatile tools for taking advantage of the marketing platforms that are available. Videos can be uploaded not just to YouTube, but to other social media sites as well, straight to the platforms where your target market spends hours every week, if not every day.

You can even adapt your videos as you go, posting footage of your products, services, your staff, your values, overall quality and anything else you can think of to boost your brand. That is the unique versatility of videos: they go beyond mere platforms and marketing to actually communicate with your audience.

Another feature of corporate video production’s versatility is the fact that it doesn’t need to be used solely on online platforms. Sometimes you need an effective video as part of a slideshow for a business meeting or sales pitch, or perhaps even a DVD to distribute at events. All of these applications and more are possible with videos!

It builds a professional image

Adding onto the promotion of your brand and values mentioned above, corporate video productions also build on your professional image. Even if you are making use of a corporate video company to produce the video for you, it still creates the impression that you are moving forward technologically and making use of the full potential offered by visual media. In turn, looking progressive and advanced makes your brand appear more credible, which is always a plus.

Videos have impact, and they leave an impression

The true strength of corporate video productions is their impact. Whereas a picture and text marketing needs to use colour and bold text to draw a viewer’s eye, videos have the added advantage of movement and sound. The viewer doesn’t need to read anything – usually – and so it takes less conscious effort for them to pay attention. That gets you their attention. Then the movements, sequence of images and the sounds all add together to give the video far more impact than a still-shot picture could ever hope to, and your viewer is far more likely to take it in and remember it.


Take note of your own viewing experiences, watch some videos, and see for yourself just how effective professional corporate video productions can be.