How psychology plays a part in signage

Signage, when it is cleverly and professionally thought out, can make all the difference to your brand.  Signage has many functions, but POP (Point of Purchase) signage is designed to advertise a product at the location in which it is displayed.  Effective POP (Point of Product) signage is a critical component of a merchandising program.    

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3 Great Ways To Set Your Golf Club Apart

If you own and run your own golf course, then you don’t need to be told that golf is definitely a business and a competitive one at that. Players looking to join a club are looking for the best play experience possible, and if one clubhouse won’t give them what they’re looking for, you can bet another 

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A Guide to Google Voice Search

Google has created some amazing things over the years, but one of their more recent inventions may be the best of them all!  Google Voice Search allows people to search Google by speaking into their smartphone or computer instead of typing the information that they need into the search engine box.   Google Voice Search 

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Different types of Canadian Visa

The U.S. News and Report 2018 put Canada in the second position in its best country list. Multicultural, picturesque, developed economy and more make Canada one of the best countries to live and work. All you need is a Canadian Visa to make the beautiful country your home and workplace.  Here’s what you need to 

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senior living

InTouchLink – AnEasy-to-use communication platform

InTouchLink has been designed for virtually unlimited users. Ithas been designed with and for senior living operators and communities. The software uses robust technology with the latest configuration settings, failsafe systems, multiple load balancers and continually engineered to perform unprecedented functioning of services. It has inbuilt system bug fixers and software updates to enhance your user 

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Which is the most convenient online courier?

Many online shipping services have been born in the last two years. These services allow you to book a shipment from the comfort of your home, and then wait for the courier to arrive to deliver the package. Easy, fast, without wasting time and effort These services are increasingly used because they are much more 

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5 Ways Social Media and SEO Work Together

The only way business owners can sustainably compete in this digital age is by learning, adapting to, and utilizing technology. It is in harnessing the power of technology that you promote your business to a much wider audience.  As a business owner, you may already have your presence in the most commonly used social media 

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Successful Tools For Non-Profit Companies

Most non-profit businesses are born from a desire to make a difference. The drive comes from either something you personally have struggled with or something that has deeply impacted you. Because the face of non-profit takes on a different character depending upon its mission, there is no end to the possibilities out there for beginning 

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