5 Things Well-Designed Signage Can Do for Your Business

There are many advantages to outdoor signage as it is an essential aspect of advertising for many businesses. While it would be a mistake to solely focus on outdoor advertising, so too would it be a mistake to solely focus on digital advertising if you’re a business with a bricks-and-mortar location.

If you’re looking at your advertising options and you’ve realised that you need to increase your outdoor business exposure, here are five things well-designed signage delivered by sign writers in Perth can do for your business.

  • Passers-By Will See the Sign and Notice Your Business

Outdoor signage is very effective at attracting attention and getting passers-by to notice businesses and their locations. With the right signage, there’s no reason why your business can’t attract the attention of passers-by, on foot and in cars, and bring about more exposure. The more exposure the better for your business if you operate a bricks-and-mortar location.

  • Place Signage Where It Will Have Maximum Impact

Well-designed signage can be placed wherever it will have maximum impact, garnering even more attention for your business and helping you to gain a competitive edge over other local businesses. A leading sign writing business like Total Sign Co can design and produce a sign that attracts maximum attention by taking into consideration things such as location, walls and storefronts, and other important aspects related to signage placement.

  • It Brings In New Customers, Including Impulse Buyers

Outdoor signage is well-known for bringing in new customers to businesses, including people acting on impulse who are more likely to make a purchase than other potential customers. While word of mouth recommendations bring in about 33% of new customers and newspaper advertising brings in about 9%, well-designed signage brings in as much as 50% of all new customers, according to a variety of studies.

  • It Reinforces Availability of the Business Brand

A quality sign placed in a strategic location has the effect of reinforcing availability of the business brand and creating greater confidence in the brand due to the perception of advertising support. Businesses that don’t advertise with outdoor signage or have lacklustre signs are often perceived as of a lower quality.

  • Signage Reaches Markets that Other Methods Can’t

Well-designed signage with a great location reaches markets that other methods can’t. While digital advertising and social media marketing are great for reaching consumers online, they simply can’t connect with them outdoors. At least not at the present point in time, but you can bet that there are marketers out there looking for ways to do so!

Well-designed signage delivers excellent benefits that can help your business gain dominance over the local competition. It helps you achieve your goals by getting passers-by to notice your business, it can be placed where it will gain maximum coverage and it helps to bring in new customers, including impulse buyers. What’s more, it also reinforces brand availability and reaches markets that other methods, including digital and social media advertising and marketing, simply can’t reach.