Huawei seeks Colombian students interested in technology to go to China


The technology giant Huawei introduced a training program in the area of new information technologies and communications in China, which is focused on young students across the country.

The call, which opened Wednesday with the support of MinTIC, seeks to enhance the digital skills of young Colombians face to change the current economic model and the arrival of the fourth industrial revolution.

Favored will have the opportunity to train in the research and development of the firm in Asia, with the aim of knowing the by minors of this sector.

“This program seeks to benefit the local talent to drive development related to innovation and technology, through training at the headquarters of this company in China areas”, he complemented the MinTIC in a press release.

The “Seeds of the Future” program, considered one of the most impact for the firm Huawei was established in 2008 and it has already participated more than 10,000 students in 54 countries.

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If you are interested in applying should know the conditions:

  • 100% English proficiency.
  • ICT study (Systems Engineering, Telecommunications, Electronics, Software Engineering or Computer Engineering) careers.
  • Have completed six (6) semesters of their career minimum.
  • Be of age and under 25 years.

Perform a letter stating the motivation to participate in the Seeds of the Future program and propose options interrelation between technological advances and possibilities of action in the IT sector in Colombia.

Optional requirements:

The following requirements allow participants to earn additional points in the selection process:

  • Beneficiary of the program be forgivable loans of the Ministry of ICT: Digital Talent.
  • Being a member of a group of R & D of a university.
  • Having a business idea development accompanied by a unit of entrepreneurship in the region or country.