How to Market Yourself Online as a Professional


Gone are the days where you would sit at the kitchen table and peruse the classified ads looking for a job. Today, the Internet is full of useful tools that can help you find the job of your dreams in most areas across the globe. Through various platforms, you can market yourself as a professional and attract organizations looking for your specific skills.

Social Media

Never underestimate the value of social media from a professional standpoint. From demonstrating your knowledge and abilities to joining conversations with others that can help you, sites like Facebook and Twitter can be an invaluable tool. People you once thought of as being unreachable can be just a message away. The more you promote yourself on social sites, the greater the likelihood for being spotted by companies. Many people have gone so far as to create online videos on sites such as YouTube to demonstrate their abilities as well.

Keep Separate Profiles

While social media can be useful, it’s in your best interest to create separate profiles regarding your professional abilities. You don’t want your personal comments, likes and other activities to be taken out of context by a potential employer. Sites such as Facebook, YouTube and Google+ offer pages that can be used to keep your professional experiences and personal interactions separated.

Online Resumes

Online resumes give people a taste of your experience 24 hours a day. Many professionals provide detailed information about themselves, such as the Pete Briger resume, in order to attract better career opportunities. Since many large organizations take to the Internet to find new talent, the odds of someone finding your information are usually in your favor. Depending on your skills and experience, your next opportunity may contact you tomorrow without warning.


Blogging can be useful to demonstrate the extent of your knowledge. By writing about what you know and using the website as part of your marketing strategy, you could attract businesses that are looking for your specific abilities. This gives hiring staff an opportunity to discover how well you know your industry. Maintaining a blog can also help you keep well-versed and practiced in your specific field. By writing about new techniques, procedures and tools, you’ll learn as you write demonstrating your value to any organization.

Guest Blogging

Many blogs offer the ability to write content as a guest. Although you usually don’t get paid for guest blogging, links and author recognition can help improve your online reputation. However, it’s greatly beneficial for everyone if you only write content regarding your industry. For example, writing for a law blog can be greatly beneficial if you’re marketing yourself as an experienced legal secretary or in another attorney-related position.

Freelance Experience

Many freelance websites will connect you with others that need specific work done. Not only will this contribute to enhancing your resume, but it can also pay well depending on the task. Even if you did just one project a week, it could still be beneficial to boost your experience. Sometimes these clients will choose to hire you permanently while increasing the rate at which you’re paid.

The more interactive you are on the Internet, the greater the potential for a company to hire you. Human resource departments of many organizations scour the Internet looking for talent on a daily basis. Do what you can to make yourself stand out.