How psychology plays a part in signage

Signage, when it is cleverly and professionally thought out, can make all the difference to your brand.  Signage has many functions, but POP (Point of Purchase) signage is designed to advertise a product at the location in which it is displayed.  Effective POP (Point of Product) signage is a critical component of a merchandising program.    

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5 Ways Social Media and SEO Work Together

The only way business owners can sustainably compete in this digital age is by learning, adapting to, and utilizing technology. It is in harnessing the power of technology that you promote your business to a much wider audience.  As a business owner, you may already have your presence in the most commonly used social media 

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Brand Storytelling is a Powerful PR Too

“The best brands capture some aspect of your humanity and reflect it back to you –  it creates an emotional bridge.”  Andy Green. Andy Green is the founder of Story Stars Here, a leading expert in brand storytelling. The food marketing specialists at Ceres PR attended his recent event and found Andy’s advice practical and 

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Twitter Marketing Tips That Can Lead to Conversions

Up until now, it has been pretty simple for gaming websites and developers to find leads and convert them into sales. Hashtags and tweets themselves containing the keywords that users search for pop up on the feeds of targeted customers, allowing them to browse and click as desired. A brief glance at the Twitter feed 

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